National Poem Writing Month 2021: Poem xxii: Heroes

Written for National Poem Writing Month 2021, Day 22 … a poem that invokes a specific object as a symbol of a particular time, era, or place.

Phantom riding on his horse Hero with pet Devil on the tow.

The air smelled potpourri of odors that mixed naptholene,–

Camphor, frankincense, and insence sticks.

Smoke is whirling up from the boiled rice and lentil and vegetables,

Is this what they eat at the Skull Cave–

I enquired to my grandmother who would smiled and narrate

Stories from Jataka, Ramayana, Mahabharata.

A woodpecker picking on the mango tree disrupting the silence,

Or is it the drums of messengers sending messages over the jungle.

Now is the summer like those ages ago, but not the vacation.

Asking for a holiday is a heap of lies or scorned look of manager.

The heroes rest inside the books, bounded and

kept in the bookshelves, where the spider webbed the golden web–

Of the summer vacations at my granny’s clay-tiles roofed hut

Or was it some palace from the books of adventures.

2 responses to “National Poem Writing Month 2021: Poem xxii: Heroes”

  1. Simply beautiful. I really really like this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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