Only A Woman (An Ode To Woman On Woman’s Day)

Only a woman can take away your cold hard chill
Break your heart and make you love her still
Leave you thirsty when you’ve had your fill

Only A Woman–Enrique Iglesias

Happy Women’s Day my lady blogger friends. Here’s are 3 poems I’ve written. A woman can be a mother, a lover, a muse. This 3 are sort of Love Poems where woman is a lover and the poet is her admirer, is proud of her what she is.


The summer when is at its best and you need a shelter,

you know where to find it.

The monsoon when is at its best and you need the comfort,

you know where to get it.

The autumn sky when is serene and full of scattered clouds,

you know how to touch them.

The hemanta when get us ready for winter and its wind was bated,

you know how can feel it.

The winter when is harsh and you search for warmth,

you know where the haven awaits.

The spring when bud, erasing bygone season’s cruelty,

you know where is the cure.


Only she can let you feel the solace of the shelter taking you in her embrace.

Only she can tame the beast that lies within us–the man, the boy.

She has this boon to make us complete, to make us beautiful.

She is the holder of the spell to wash away all our sins (of the man, the boy).

Only she can let you feel the desperation of getting love, of giving love.

Only she can embodied the wishes–grey and black–we, the man, the boy, holds.

She has this grace that can let an aesthetic like this poet to believe in God.

She is the chasm, a peaceful and pleasurable one, felt in the morning prayer.


They are soft…

They are tender…

They are what we want…

They can be the protest…

They can be the protector…

They can be what we don’t want…

They are like composition of a storm–s’time grey, s’time black, s’time blue…

They are like sky of monsoon–warm at time, cloudy at time, stormy at time…

#The title is inspired by the song Only A Woman by my all-time favourite singer Enrique Iglesias


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