The Poems That Made Me…

A momentary faint or sick feeling–the archaic meaning of today’s Daily Prompt ‘qualm’ (16 May 2017). 

H’m…why did I start like this because of the quote by Sylvia Plath–“I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.” 

I’m beating the bush I know. 

The reason is the following two incomplete (again I heard from those who are my ardent readers) poems that I stopped in mid because of the archaic qualm and am sharing because of the quote I stumbled on.

Leave your comment my ardent dear readers without hesitation because this is a different shade of your loving poet.


The moon shone on the corpse as she undress it.

The guy had a well built body and handsome face.

She touched the Adam’s apple and poked it with her long nail.

She do not want semen to-night; she want blood instead

Her eyes went down the waist; she had made love to corpse before



Am here to smoke not to peep at you

But, I think I shall now.

Oh, unhook your bra please quick

And stand for a little while

Let your beauty of your body be my poem–


Oh, let me have a look at…


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