Red Blue Gray: Day 19

The instruction now though stands on no-stand. The order that the letter carried was to kill the spy. The higher official ordered me to make the death look like it’s an accident not an intentional event. Now, I understand what they had said in the telegram on that day when they said—FOLLOW LETTER (STOP). I... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 17

20th March The jail seems to be a popular hideout for the government who when if wants to conceal one’s identity or presence. I had received this letter of a guest we are going to have in today two days back. He is a spy from one of our neighbouring countries. The letter that came... Continue Reading →


Dedicated to Bram Stoker... -- when the sky will be silver, and the mango tree will suspire the breeze, that's when I'll come to you like the ebb tide touches the bank, dry, on the full moon with passion. a nomad I've been for so many centuries; hiding and surviving anyhow and now I'm going... Continue Reading →

Brides (Horror Haiku)

  polish sky hold moon in its bosom sisters wake quietus infant  Quietus: Death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life. Base on Bram Stoker's Dracula (The Novel) [1897] Daily Prompt: Polish

The Poems That Made Me…

A momentary faint or sick feeling--the archaic meaning of today's Daily Prompt 'qualm' (16 May 2017).  H'm...why did I start like this because of the quote by Sylvia Plath--"I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still."  I'm beating the bush I know.  The reason is the following two incomplete... Continue Reading →

Caws (Twittering Tales)

  I woke up...look round...but where are view shifts to my laptop screen...the end credit of "The Birds" scrolling...what a dream... (140 Characters) Twittering Tales #28

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