Understanding Ayn Rand: A Review of “We the Living”

Love thrives in the time of despair, I had read once. Love of Kira and Leo or Andrei falling in love with Kira all happened in the time when it was turmoil when each individual trying to survive anyhow anyway. But, when love is prefixed with a story we think or take it in considering…… Continue reading Understanding Ayn Rand: A Review of “We the Living”

Midnight’s Children: A Review

Some books are like enjoying the calmness of a harsh summer daybreak. You’ve to sit back and let the characters enthrall you like apparitions. They are there but you know they are not real or might be. They are just like the shadow that leave a long shadow on the thought process of ours, the…… Continue reading Midnight’s Children: A Review

Exhausted and Spent

the air smelled nicotine the environ rhythmed with fan the room, lorn one, curtained dimmed. I lay looking at the ceiling the fan with flying curtain creating a shade a mixture of colors of wall, street and– overcast May sky. I’m here, but, I’m really here… the moment, the silence that I lay in is…… Continue reading Exhausted and Spent