The Declaration of a Lunatic

The rain whispering loudly, not like a scream or high tone though.

He is sitting in front of me, mumbling wordings, careful listen reveal–

Verse from Gita speaking on evil never win; goodness defeat it by surpass.

He is looking different today. Long tangled hair chopped;

The beard is shaved off. The cloth he wear is clean and neat not the rag & tattered.

A thunder clapped. We few at bus stand startled.

Bhova Pagla jumped up & laugh out loud; then in English he shout

Am the most happiest person; your sadness cannot make me melancholy…never…

I look aside at my female colleague; she is scared.

How long I am in blue I ask self…

How long I am denying beckon of love…

Oh…this breeze…now…am not surrounding to pensiveness…

Bhova Pagla screamed again; my colleague more scared.

I took a step forward to talk to her…


Thank you Paul Scribble for this dVerse prompt on Blessing Poem. Hope this match the prompt.

19 responses to “The Declaration of a Lunatic”

  1. What a great response… I really like the narrative, and those different reactions to that scream.


    1. Thank you…my pleasure you liked it…


  2. I liked this very much. It’s a unique approach.


    1. Thank you for stopping and reading & reviewing my poem…


  3. Khub bhalo laglo…very realistic and I know it is real since in one of your old poems I had read about this mad man.👌🏻👌🏻


    1. Mone ache…wah…tobe ota micro fiction chilo…

      Liked by 1 person

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