Sixty Four

Joining the moments on board

Of chess, life take shape of itself.

Pawns & Queen, we’re not;

It’re the now and then.

Riddle it seems, but, actually it’s

Time and nothing else.

11 responses to “Sixty Four”

  1. Hmm…very thoughtful, must say!!!

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    1. Surely I will read…


  2. Nice take on life as a chess board.


  3. Very beautiful imagery! You truly have a gift, and a way with expressing through words. Amazing! Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces from my eBook of poetry:
    As I stare at the inkless page of lost memories I think of you. The one that got away. Far far away… but still at arm’s length of my touch.
    Don’t rush. Your heart is fragile and understandable is the difficulty to trust.
    Our cycle has repeated for many moons.
    In love for a spell until animosity resumes…
    And we fail and we suffer. Struggle because of hate yet we love one another.
    If only it could all be so simple. As you blame your outburst on your latest menstrual.
    And I blame my reaction on my heinous temper.
    My expectations I’ve learned to temper. We just can’t get it.
    It hurts because in the beginning everything involving my future included you in it.
    Cloud 9 was our image. The love was true.
    Found freedom to be myself when I was with you. When we were one.
    Now we’ve become none…distant. Still shifting…
    I wonder if we’ll ever be more than a vision.
    This has got to be a sickness.
    And loving the wrong girl is a painful symptom.
    Yet I constantly hear the cries of you playing the victim. Because I’m the bad guy.
    The one who damaged your heart… stepped on and ripped it apart…
    Thanks again for sharing! I hope you get a chance to follow me:
    And check out the audio piece I put together of me reading the entire poem with a visual backdrop and music in the background here:


    1. Wow it’s wonderful…I also had published an eBook…


      1. Thank you, Sangbad! What was your eBook about?


        1. A collection of 32 poems…you can find the link in the post 29 My First Book if you want…


  4. Beautiful and the butterflies are so fascinating


    1. It’s a painting of Dally…

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